Timken Incremental Magnetic Encoders

Reliable. Flexible. Innovative.

Timken magnetic encoder technology delivers reliable high-resolution performance for motion control applications. From motor and vector control to resolver replacement, to electric power steering, wind energy, robotics and more, our incremental encoder technology is designed to withstand the toughest environments.

  1. M9 Miniature Modular Magnetic Encoder
  2. M11 Miniature Commutating Modular Magnetic Encoder
  3. M15 Modular Magnetic Encoder
  4. M15H High Resolution Modular Magnetic Encoder
  5. MPS160 Multiplying Encoder ASIC
  6. MPS512 Multiplying Encoder ASIC MPS512 Multiplying Encoder ASIC
  7. M15 Modular Encoder 15 Pin Cables

Timken Technology, Timken Strength

Compared to conventional optical encoders, our incremental encoders provide a better alternative for high-temperature, shock, vibration, high-humidity and particulate contamination environments.

Our incremental rotary encoders are rugged, fast, and immune to dust and dirt.

High Performance Meets Custom Configuration

Your needs are unique, and our products are designed to adapt to simple and complex applications. Purchase the encoder you need, or work with our engineers for a fully integrated design. 

Our incremental rotary encoders are available in full industrial packages, compact modular designs, standalone ASICS and custom or standard kits.

Contact us for more information.

Your custom configuration of in-stock encoder components typically takes 1 week for delivery of U.S. orders.