M15 Modular Magnetic Encoder

The Perfect Replacement for Demanding Applications

The M15 magnetic encoder is a high-resolution speed and position feedback sensor for use with electric motors or other mechanical devices where shaft position or speed feedback is required.

Though it stands on its own, the M15 is also the perfect solution when replacing Renco 35I optical encoders. It is a direct mechanical fit, interchangeable, and is equipped with the exact signal output capabilities as the Renco encoder.

How it Works

The M15 uses advanced magnetic technology to provide a less complex installation and more reliable performance. This magnetic encoder is an incremental encoder that is customized for an application with optional features.

Output is the industry standard A and B channel quadrature, with gated index and commutation when selected. The differential signals (A-, B-, C-, U-,V-,W-) are available with the line driver option.

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