MPS160 Multiplying Encoder ASIC

Durable. Flexible. Accurate.

The Timken® MPS Multiplying Encoder ASIC 160 combines a direction-sensing Hall Effect encoder with integrated index pulses and a high accuracy resolution multiplying circuit.

The result? A high resolution speed and position sensor system on a chip that is mounted off-axis to the shaft.

How it Works

The ASIC produces and processes Hall Effect signals to create high resolution quadrature output signals, providing zero speed and direction sensing. 

When used with special magnetized targets, digital index signals are output by the chip and synchronized with the high resolution circuit signal. 

A Superior Sensing Solution

As a multiplying encoder, the programmable output signal is up to 160 times the resolution of the pole pair count on the sensor’s multi-pole magnetic target. This creates the high decimal or binary resolution normally associated with optical encoders. 

The encoder ASIC offers flexibility for motor control circuitry in its ability to interface with external Hall sensors for commutation. When the external commutation Hall devices are routed through the encoder ASIC the absolute position of the motor over a motor phase is available through the encoder’s SSI/SPI interface. 

The ASIC provides quadrature signals at speeds up to 200kHz/channel (800kHz data rate) and offers a low power mode operation.

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