Your Applications are Unique. Our Encoders are Designed to Adapt.

Timken® magnetic encoders are designed to perform in industries and applications with varying demands. From high-volume applications such as electric power steering systems to the sophisticated demands of factory and industrial automation, our encoders provide a durable and accurate solution. We offer a wide range of resolutions - up to 512 edges per magnetic pole pair, up to 20,000 edges using a 36mm target.

Integrate with Ease. Measure with Accuracy.

Our encoders integrate easily into most applications. Unlike traditional optical encoders, our magnetic encoder does not require a clear, line of sight gap between itself and the motor. In fact, as long as the gap is not filled with ferrous material, our encoders will work with accuracy, even in the harshest conditions.

Plus, since most of our magnetic encoder designs have no moving parts, magnetic encoders offer a rugged and reliable replacement solution for optical encoders.

Learn more about how our magnetic encoders work in the following industries and applications.