Factory Automation & Motion Control Applications

Encoders for Factory Automation & Motion Control ApplicationsPrecise and Accurate

When precision and timing is key to factory operations running smoothly, Timken® magnetic encoders keep automated machines and conveyor belts moving with high accuracy and repeatability.

Durable and Rugged

While older optical encoders have historically provided accuracy, they often prove problematic in factory and manufacturing applications, due to a lower resistance to dust, contaminates and heat fluctuations. Magnetic encoders are rugged, durable and precise even in extreme environments. High temperatures, vibration, shock, and high speeds have no adverse effect. Our modular and kit designs have no moving parts, adding to the high reliability of Timken magnetic encoder technology

Easy Integration

Magnetic encoders also offer a smaller profile than optical encoders, allowing for easier assembly and integration into existing systems. Rotor speed and position accuracy is unaffected by grease or particulates, and magnetic encoders do not require a line of sight gap between encoder sensor and code wheel as optical encoders do.

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