Timken magnetic encoders deliver reliable, high performance for a broad range of applications in many industries.  From robotics, to laboratory and medical equipment, PTZ cameras to automotive applications, servo and stepper motors and a host of general factory automation applications, our rotary encoder technology can meet or exceed your expectations even in the most demanding environments.  We offer modular, integrated and customized solutions with both incremental and absolute position encoders up to 22 bits.

Our magnetic rotary encoders provide a better alternative to optical encoders for high-temperature, shock, vibration, high-humidity and particulate contamination environments.


Timken’s absolute position encoders offer standard resolutions up to 22 bits.  We offer three integratable packages with bores 100 mm, 80 mm (coming soon!), 49 mm and 39 mm (coming soon!) all with multi-turn capability.  Patent pending opposing sensor chips eliminated the need for calibration.  For collaborative robot applications these encoders can be coupled with a similar form factor incremental input side encoder.

Our M15A modular 16 bit package can accommodate typical servomotor shafts up to 0.5 in. and 10 mm.  Our M15MTA is available with patent pending low power, 50μA, multi-turn capability (coming soon!). 



Timken’s incremental encoders offer standard resolutions up to 8196PPR.  We offer three modular packages to accommodate a wide range of motor dimensions using up to a 0.5 in. and 10 mm shaft diameter.  In addition, our THS25 package can accommodate a 1.125 in shaft and 25 mm, with to 2560PPR.

Customized solutions are available to meet specific performance needs and dimensional requirements. We offer solutions that can be integrated into customer equipment by supplying custom PCB’s and targets as well as only encoder chips that can be mounted on the customer’s circuit board.


Customized solutions are available to meet specific performance needs and dimensional requirements.

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