Why Timken Encoders?

Technology Backed by a History of Innovation

When you purchase Timken magnetic encoders, you purchase with the knowledge that our products are backed by a century-old history of solving customer problems. We love innovation, but not simply for innovation’s sake. Timken innovation is always driven by the need to help you make your business better.

“One Size fits All” is for T-shirts

Anyone can purchase our encoders standard, but we developed our magnetic encoders to handle both standard and complex applications.

With a flexible design capacity, and a team of engineers ready to help design-in a customized encoder, a relatively short list of Timken® encoders can be used in a wide variety of applications, reducing the number of encoders in your supply chain and on your shelves.

Because “Ease of Use” Starts with the First Click

We want your sensing solutions to integrate seamlessly into your operations, and we want every step of the process--from browsing to buying to installation--to be as efficient as possible.

That’s why we offer our full range of products for purchase online, as well as give easy access to our experts and designers should you have questions or want design assistance. We also offer fast, flexible lead times for prototypes, so you can implement your improvements as soon as possible.

It’s all a part of our commitment to help you improve performance and grow your business.

Contact us to learn more about custom sensing solutions, or browse our products.