The History of Timken Encoders

A Legacy of Solving Customer Problems

Timken innovation spans over 100 years and the turn of two centuries. From patenting a tapered rolling bearing design for freight wagons drawn by mules to being present at the forefront of cutting-edge aerospace technology, we pride ourselves in leading technological innovation.

At the heart of this desire to innovate and improve is our unchanging commitment to solve customer problems.

Sensing the Need for Change

For many years, the optical encoder was the standard sensor in industrial automation and motion control applications. As automation spread rapidly into a broadened range of industries, however, the optical encoder presented shortcomings. While optical encoders work accurately in cleaner automation environments, reliable feedback was difficult to attain in the presence of dirt, high heat, shock, vibration or noise.

Initial sensing solutions such as resolvers or sealed optical encoders had some success, but were high-cost or still presented problems because of internal moving parts, the need for a clean, line of sight gap to the sensor, and cumbersome connecting wires.

Delivering a Superior Sensing Solution

Our patented magnetic encoders technology solves the need for a more durable, accurate and reliable sensing solution. Using Hall effect technology, our encoders operate even in the most extreme environments.

Today, we continue to innovate and we make it even easier for our customers to get the sensing solutions they need, by offering our magnetic sensor technology.

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