About Timken Encoders

Stronger Innovation. Stronger Design. Stronger Products.

Timken is known as a company that drives innovation and technology, and this drive led to our patented magnetic encoders. This drive is part of our commitment to help you find new ways to improve performance, enhance your products and positively impact your bottom line.

A Superior Sensing Solution

We understand that accurate speed and position in motors and other electromechanical equipment is vital to your business. Timken® magnetic encoders are compact, durable and reliable, and consistently outperform optical encoders in many manufacturing, material processing and automation systems.

Our magnetic encoder technology provides the required resolution for precision position control at significantly higher reliability, and at a cost that is comparable to traditional optical encoders.

Rugged. Dependable. Accurate…Just Like Us

We’ve been focusing on creating value for our customers for more than a century. That’s why our magnetic encoder technology has a flexible design capacity, handles most jobs, and adapts to difficult environmental situations. We know that your business needs grow and change, and we’ve developed the sensing technology to grow with you.

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