M15A Modular Absolute Position Magnetic Encoder


Timken M15A high-resolution absolute position magnetic encoder technology can offer a higher reliability at a comparable cost to optical encoders. The M15A Modular Magnetic Encoder, like all Timken encoders, relies on the interaction between a Timken high-resolution sensor chip and a multipolar magnetic target. The M15A offers real-time true absolute position and incremental quadrature signals for demanding applications. True absolute position is available at power on, and continuously during operation through a number of industry standard interfaces for this single turn device.
The M15MTA offers multi-turn capability using a unique, patent pending Low Power Turns Counter that requires only 50μA when not operating. The low power mode can be powered by a battery a super capacitor, an energy harvesting device or by and external power line. In addition to true absolute position, the M15A and M15MTA produce real time A B incremental quadrature signals and a once per turn reference pulse. They can also be configured to produce real-time UVW commutation signals that are very precise and electrically configurable for a wide range of pole counts. The M15A and M15MTA offer the benefit of electrically timing your motor without moving the magnet wheel or the encoder body.


M15A and M15MTA encoders handles a wider range of shaft end play and run out than modular optical encoders and offers more reliability in particulate-laden environments. This encoder is available in a range of resolutions up to 16 bits with 0/2/4/6/8/10/12/16 pole commutation and reference pulse options. The magnetic target is marked for shaft positioning alignment. Plus, air gap tolerance makes installation of the hub quick and easy.


The M15A and the M15MTA include electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection circuitry. Unlike other magnetic encoders, a patented differential magnetic sensor circuit design protects it from interfering magnetic fields. The modular unit is well suited for a range of applications including brush type servomotor positioning and brushless type servomotor control using the commutation options.

The M15A is available for OEM applications. The M15MTA is coming soon.
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